March of this year I turned 34.  A birthday is a great time to shed the old and start fresh. It was apparent to me, after some months of haziness with matters of the heart, that for this birthday, what was most important to me was to get clear within.  To do that I decided to first become conscious and protective of what goes in; food, music, internet, etc. And since a birthday is also a time to celebrate, I decided that I needed to celebrate this change with gifting myself something that reflects this.  Something beautiful, light, vibrant, colorful, feminine, loving in its personal meaning to me, a reminder in essence of the changes I want to see for myself, the changes that I know will bring me into alignment with my truth, in this year of 34.
As soon as I saw them, it was like a light. I knew, ‘this is the gift I’ve called for, these are the earrings for me right now.’  The earrings are a new earring that Noelani Love has designed called the Chakra earrings.  How perfect are these earrings for a woman in a time of growth and healing?  These earrings are first a reminder to myself that I am on the path of changing some unhealthy patterns and second they are simply a reflection of my stepping out of the uncertainty of myself and into knowing that I am worthy of wearing, of being in something so beautiful.  And on the flip side of being in something so beautiful,  I am stepping out of self defeat and low self esteem.  That is what these earrings mean to me.
It really was like divine timing.  I bought them shortly after my shift took place and I must say, they’ve been a incredible reflection of my intentions and renewal of purpose.  If you are a woman seeking to make some powerful changes in your life, I highly recommend setting that intention and then manifesting something beautiful that will remind you of your divinity and intention when you wear it.  It’s really exciting and a fun way to connect with your purpose and femininity.
Jewelry is truly one of the most beautiful ways a woman can adorn herself with her spirit, her tender care of herself, so the world can see just a little glimpse of her radiance.  (  is one place, I find beautiful pieces like the Chakra earrings that reflect something I find in most feminine and sweet.  Plus, I love supporting local artisans!
Cheers to birthing new beginnings and celebrating as we move forward!