1017265_10151760918944416_2047773217_nartist shout out:  Alchemic Emprise by Joshua Mays.

his work is ridiculously unreal, beautiful and true!   i love the soft palette of this piece yet so powerful.  i love how he layered the dimensional connections in the background of our girl in the foreground.  there are a lot of circles, spirals and magic things taking place within, around and through her.  as she is playing the mbira, which is a most enchanting west african instrument (beautiful sound, i have one with me that use to belong to my dad) she is making connection, plugging in to her ancestral knowledge base, intuit through music, she is perhaps calling out to them for some guidance while she is living in this modern day city, as we see the city scape that is behind her.  we can see that she is tuned into her spirit and connected to nature as she is also surrounded by plants. plants are also communicators of music, earth, roots and life force.  they respond and reciprocate with music.  as she is wearing a head piece that looks like jewelry, this could suggest she is royalty.  just beautiful.  and timely.  check his tumblr for more of his work ~ http://joshuamaysart.tumblr.com/