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today i participated in artist Laura Hollick’s International Soul Art Day. artists from all over the world gathered virtually to create their soul art in their own space and share in the experience.

i had such an amazing experience today.  here’s a peak at my journey through the 5 steps in the Bodymapping Soul Art Ritual.

1. Intention

soul art 5

2. Bodymapping.  i bought a large piece of foam core at the art store yesterday.  foam core is great for art projects and this was the largest piece they had.  not quite long enough for my entire body to fit on, but it worked out well.  why a large piece to fit my entire body?  this soul art day was all about Bodymapping.  in this Bodymapping Ritual, we are asked to lay on our surface and trace our bodies.  next the fun begins, fill your tracing with your creative he(art)!

soul art

3. Creative Expression

soul art 4

she became a mermaid!

soul art 3

4. Insight

soul art 2

5.  Spirit Action

soul art 1

my final piece!

participating in International Soul Art Day was such a powerful experience.  grateful.


check out my page on Soul Art Day  ~  <;



sneak peak at a few cards i’m working on

I recently came across this online course being offered through the Off the mat into the World organization.  So excited to see yoga teachers not only interested but highlighting these topics in conversation, as they are vital topics that affect each of us in our communities systemically whether we chose to recognize them or not.

This course is being offered as a sliding scale, so anyone can join and no one is turned away!  Such a blessing and of course I joined.  It has already begun to transform my thinking and open doors, and the class hasn’t even started yet.  I highly recommend joining this online discussion.  The teachers cannot be beat and these conversations within the yoga community are imperative for our holistic connection to deepening our knowledge about what’s really going on.

Hope to see you online!

Aloha ~ nik


so stoked to get this book in the mail!  amazing how the little things bring so much joy.  written by Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa

Unroll your yoga mat, open your sketchbook, and allow your innate creativity to flourish, guided by this irresistible, inspiring book. Internationally renowned artist and yoga teacher Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa draws on a lifetime’s worth of hands-on experience in the art studio, and her many years as a student of Yogi Bhajan, to create a fully integrated practice of art and yoga that is accessible to newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Through the integration of movement and meditative awareness, heart-opening yoga practices and joyfully creative art exercises, we are reminded of the beauty of self-expression and the interdependence of all things. As Hari Kirin so generously demonstrates, Art & Yoga has the power to heal the mind, the spirit, and the body; it may even begin to heal the world.  –Katrina Kenison, author of The Gift of an Ordinary Day

most beautiful video i’ve seen that really captures the spirit of Hawai’i.. and fun to see a few friends too.

Meet Igor Bellido, an amazing film and photography artist who fulfilled his dream.  I remember seeing him with his go pro all winter season last year but had no idea what a beautiful video he was in the midst if creating.  He calls it:

An adventure with a single objective: fulfill a dream!

I always had the dream of traveling to the Mecca of surfing, Hawaii. It’s been 9 years since I fulfilled that dream, but the desire to tread so magical there have never ceased. This winter went and lived one of the best moments of my life. Hawaii is far more than surfing. Hides very diverse which is very easy to get lost and become heavenly places in a completely wild be. It is the ideal place to overcome fears, to face huge walls of water, and to feel invincible. But it is also the ideal place to lose the North, to darken your soul and feel completely unprotected. That contrast is what makes Hawaii an unforgettable experience. This film is not only surf. It’s just a mix of feelings that Hawaii awakens in me whenever I floor it. This video is a creation of quite personal, but I hope to wake up the curiosity of the Viewer to travel and learn everything that surrounds us. ~ Igor Bellido

Beautiful work!

IMG_6781 Artist Andrea from Dra’s Sunshine Shack, bought a piece of mermaid art from me for her bedroom.

1012009_546569615425970_152131669_n a few pieces out at the market.

IMG_9641 LaLa Nani Organic Natural Hawaiian Skincare line asked me to paint a sign for her new.  It was so fun!  Her products are AMAZE-ing!


1374243_719482624732892_548662446_n drawing on surf boards is a new passion.  this one was a vision come to life from that smiley guy in the photo.  🙂

1391664_719481421399679_1165113773_n yogi in the mountains..


IMG_9355 love to see the art has a new home!

If you are on the North Shore or are planning to visit this winter, be sure to stop by the Saturday Country Market, located just across from Pipeline at the Sunset Elementary school, every Saturday 8-2pm.  Food, Art, Crafts, Amazing wonderful people and one of the most fun things to do on the North Shore.  😉

here are a few of the vendors sites

~   – her products are Amazing!  i swear to the mother on this one.

~  –  yeah.  just look.  you’ll see why…

Aloha till soon,