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* Mandala Yoga Studio

* Nirinjan Kaur

* Kundalini

Sacred Sound Workshop & Kirtan with Nirinjan Kaur

more info on this and other amazing musicians / events coming to Mandala Yoga Studio here~




music is super integral to my creative expression and experience.  the repetition of one song can carry me through an entire painting. repetition is key for transformation. while painting today i was singing the words below through most of the piece.

when we want it
we just ask it
God is ready, when you’re ready ~ badu

this my soul art day music.  on repeat.


today i participated in artist Laura Hollick’s International Soul Art Day. artists from all over the world gathered virtually to create their soul art in their own space and share in the experience.

i had such an amazing experience today.  here’s a peak at my journey through the 5 steps in the Bodymapping Soul Art Ritual.

1. Intention

soul art 5

2. Bodymapping.  i bought a large piece of foam core at the art store yesterday.  foam core is great for art projects and this was the largest piece they had.  not quite long enough for my entire body to fit on, but it worked out well.  why a large piece to fit my entire body?  this soul art day was all about Bodymapping.  in this Bodymapping Ritual, we are asked to lay on our surface and trace our bodies.  next the fun begins, fill your tracing with your creative he(art)!

soul art

3. Creative Expression

soul art 4

she became a mermaid!

soul art 3

4. Insight

soul art 2

5.  Spirit Action

soul art 1

my final piece!

participating in International Soul Art Day was such a powerful experience.  grateful.


check out my page on Soul Art Day  ~  <;

wedding invites1


i am now officially illustrating wedding invitations!

when my dear friend asked me a few months ago if i would illustrate something for her wedding invitations, i could hardly wait to get my hands on some ink to start drawing.  honestly i think this may be my calling.  i absolutely love illustrating in this way, it was pure joy sketching the two of them for their big day.

ahhh amore  😉


hey lovies ~

As i mentioned in an earlier post i am currently enrolled in and taking an online training course Beyond Duality: Yoga and Social Justice taught by yoga teachers Hala Khouri and Nikki Myers, as well as many other Amazing guest speakers.  In this course, yoga practitioners and teachers interact through lecture and break out into groups to discuss race, equality and oppression with honesty and compassion.  We are about half way through the course and we are covering extremely sensitive and difficult topics such as Compassionate Communication, Social Justice Basics, the School to Prison Pipeline and Mindfulness, Gender Justice and so much more.  It is a course which challenges each of us in our yoga communities to confront our privilege or underprivileged position, whatever spectrum, and communicate through these topics with compassion.  To discuss and gain knowledge on the systemic problems we have in this country and where we fit in it all as we share our own struggles.

a few quotes from my notes:

~  humble if arrogant,  soften if hard,  always return to love.  ~ Nikki Myers

~  one of the most sacred things we can do is to bear witness to another beings suffering.  we don’t know how to stay with discomfort, stay present.  if we can shift into discomfort,  someone else can shift out of pain.  this is huge in terms of radically transforming space.  ~  Compassionate Communication – Teo Drake

~ 3 ways to Transformation:  Conscious thought – Conscious Speech – Conscious Action.  there is no coming into consciousness without pain.  people will do anything , no matter how how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness concsious. – C.G.Jung

~ committed to examining our socially conditioned life – to learn a whole new acceptance ~ Nikki Myers

~ social justice – different things to different people depending on where you are – Tessa Hicks

~ we act differently under chronic stress.  – BJ

~ model of Transformation:  Stress management – Self awareness – Self regulation – Healthy relationships = Self Mastery. – B.J  Niroga Institute

~ we hold stress in our bodies, we hold our issues in our tissues, we need to move our bodies.  – B.J Niroga Institute

~ spiritual arrogance in yoga.  – a discussion

A place i’ve grown to love and appreciate  – Niroga Institute in Berkeley California.  The work of Niroga directly uplifts thousands of people every week in schools, juvenile halls, homeless shelters, cancer hospitals and rehab centers.  Here is a link – <;





so stoked to get this book in the mail!  amazing how the little things bring so much joy.  written by Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa

Unroll your yoga mat, open your sketchbook, and allow your innate creativity to flourish, guided by this irresistible, inspiring book. Internationally renowned artist and yoga teacher Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa draws on a lifetime’s worth of hands-on experience in the art studio, and her many years as a student of Yogi Bhajan, to create a fully integrated practice of art and yoga that is accessible to newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Through the integration of movement and meditative awareness, heart-opening yoga practices and joyfully creative art exercises, we are reminded of the beauty of self-expression and the interdependence of all things. As Hari Kirin so generously demonstrates, Art & Yoga has the power to heal the mind, the spirit, and the body; it may even begin to heal the world.  –Katrina Kenison, author of The Gift of an Ordinary Day